collection “Impress” 2011


„Jewellery like an impression of Czech sacral architecture”

/ brooches / brass, stainles steel, Ag, silverplated, goldplated / 2011
/ photos : Peter Fabo


The Impress Collection is a collection of brooches, which are inspired by architectural plans of contemporary Czech sacral architecture. Brooches are made by an unusual combination of shapes. I do not create exact copies of ground plans, but it is based on them.

Although I am not a person actively practicing a religion, I respect the temple as a sanctuary, a place for prayer, harmony …

Hand made, seemingly monotonous cutting parts, is also a way of meditation. This moment is important because the focus and contemplation of the work in a figurative sense, is closely related to these buildings and times of calm …

Layering, bending and bonding of ground plans, make a little secret for viewers – they do not know exactly where the inspiration comes from. This creates jewellery that provides the ability to think about their meaning and symbolism.